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* Acugram is the graphic presentation of the energetic level in the various acupuncture channels.

* This test technique makes acupuncture treatment EASIER and MORE EFFECTIVE. Providing evidence-based exam data and acupuncture point selection, Acugram is like a lab test for acupuncture!

* WATCH in amazement as AcuGram instantly provides complete graphical analysis and interpretation of the patient’s meridian energetics and an analysis about  yin/yang, 5-elements, horary, and complete symptomatic associations, in a format that makes it easy to be confident about the treatment and its results.

* This Acupuncture test not only tells the present energy disturbances in the Acupuncture channels and their related organs , but also a predictive tool to inform you about the future ailments.

* Whether you are healthy or sick , get yourself checked and be informed about your health status and future concerns.




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