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Baryta Carbonica.
Barium Carbonate. (BaCO3.)

Especially adapted to complaints of first and second childhood; the psoric or tubercular. Memory deficient; forgetful, inattentive; child cannot be taught for it cannot remember; threatened idiocy. Scrofulous, dwarfish children who do not grow (children who grow too rapidly, Cal.); scrofulous ophthalmia, cornea opaque; abdomen swollen; frequent attacks of colic; face bloated; general emaciation. Children both physically and mentally weak. Dwarfish, hysterical women and old maids with scanty menses; deficient heat, always cold and chilly. Old, cachetic people; scrofulous, especially when fat; or those who suffer from gouty complaints (Fluor. ac.). Diseases of old men; hypertrophy or induration of prostrate and testes; mental and physical weakness. Apoplectic tendency in old people; complaints of old drunkards; headache of aged people, who are childish. Persons subject to quinsy, take cold easily, or with every, even the least, cold have an attack of tonsillitis prone to suppuration (Hep., Psor.). Inability to swallow anything but liquids (Bap., Sil.). Haemorrhoids protrude every time he urinates (Mur. ac.). Chronic cough in psoric children; enlarged tonsils or elongated uvula; < after slight cold (Alum.). Swelling and indurations, or incipient suppuration of glands, especially cervical and inguinal. Offensive foot sweat; toes and soles get sore; of the heels; throat affections after checked foot sweat (compare, Graph., Psor., Sanic., Sil.). Great sensitiveness to cold (Cal., Kali c., Psor.).

Relation: - Frequently useful before or after Psor., Sulph., and Tub. After Bar. c., Psor will often eradicate the constitutional tendency to quinsy. Similar: to, Alum, Cal. iod., Dul., Fluor. ac., Iod., Sil. Icompatible: after Calc. in scrofulous affections.

Aggravation. - When thinking of his disease (Oxal. ac.); lying on painful side; after meals; washing affected parts.


Deadly Nightshade. (Solanaceae)

Adapted to bilious, lymphatic, plethoric constitutions; persons who are lively and entertaining when well, but violent and often delerious when sick. Women and children with light hair and blue eyes, find complexion, delicate skin; sensitive, nervous, threatened with convulsions; tuberculous patients. Great liability to take cold; sensitive to drafts of air, especially when uncovering the head; from having the hair cut; tonsils become inflamed after riding in a cold wind (Acon., Hep., Rhus - takes cold from exposure of feet, Con., Cup., Sil.). Quick sensation and motion; eyes snap and move quickly; pains come suddenly, last indefinitely and cease suddenly (Mag. p.). Pains usually in short attacks; cause redness of face and eyes; fulness of head and throbbing of carotids. Imagines he sees ghosts, hideous faces, and various insects (Stram.); black animals, dogs, wolves. Fear of imaginary things, wants to run away from them; hallucinations. Violent delirium; disposition to bite, spit, strike and tear things; breaks into fits of laughter and gnashes the teeth; wants to bite and strike the attendants (Stram.); tries to escape (Hell.). Head hot and painful; face flushed; eyes wild, staring, pupils dilated; pulse full and bounding, globular, like buckshot striking the finger; mucous membrane of mouth dry; stool tardy and urine suppressed; sleepy; but cannot sleep (Cham., Op.). Convulsions during teething, with fever (without fever, Mag. p.); come on suddenly, head hot, feet cold. Rush of blood to head and face (Amyl., Glon., Mel.). Headache, congestive, with red face, throbbing of brain and carotids (Met.); < from slight noise, jar, motion, light, lying down, least exertion; > pressure, tight bandaging, wrapping up, during menses. Boring the head into the pillow (Apis, Hell., Pod.). Vertigo when stooping, or when rising after stooping (Bry.); on every change of position. Abdomen tender, distended < by least jar, even of the bed; obliged to walk with great care for fear of a jar. Pain in right ileo-coecal region, < by slightest touch, even of the bed- cover. The transverse colon protrudes like a pad. Skin: of a uniform, smooth, shining scarlet redness; dry, hot, burning; imparts a burning sensation to examining had; the true Sydenham scarlet fever, where eruption is perfectly smooth and truly scarlet. Pressing downwards as if the contents of abdomen would issue from the vulva; > standing and sitting erect; worse mornings (Lil., Mur., Sep.).

Relations: - Complementary: Calcarea. Belladonna is the acute of Calcarea, which is often required to complete a cure. Similar: to, Acon., Bry., Cic., Gels., Glon., Hyos., Mel., Op., Stram.

Aggravation. - From touch, motion, noise, draught of air, looking at bright, shining objects (Lys., Stram.); after 3 p. m.; night, after midnight; while drinking; uncovering the head; summer sun; lying down.

Amelioration. - Rest; standing or sitting erect; warm room.


Benzoic Acid.

A gouty, rheumatic diathesis engrafted on a gonorrhoeal or sypilitic patient. Gouty concretions; arthritis vaga; affects all the joints, especially the knee, cracking on motion; nodosities (Berb., Lith., Lys.). Urine dark brown, and the urinous odor highly intensified. Enuresis nocturna of delicate children; dribbling urine of old men with enlarged prostrate; strong characteristic odor; excesses of uric acid. Catarrah of bladder after suppressed gonorrhea. Diarrhoea of children; white, very offensive, exhausting liquid stools, running "right through the diaper" (Pod.); urine offensive and of a deep red color. Cough: with expectoration of green mucus (Natr. s.); extreme weariness, lassitude. Pains tearing, stitching, in large joints of big toe; redness and swelling of joints; gout < at night.

Relation: - Similar: to, Cop., Nitr., Fer., Thuja, especially in enuresis after Nitr. has failed; Berb., Lith. c., in arthiritic complaints. Useful after Colch. fails in gout; after abuse of Cop. in suppression of gonorrhoea. Incompatible: wine, which aggravates urinary gouty and rheumatic affections.


Berberis Vulgaris.
Barberry (Berberidaceae)

The renal or vesical symptoms predominate. Pain in small of back; very sensitive to touch in renal region; < when sitting and lying, from jar, from fatigue. Burning and soreness in region of kidneys. Numbness, stiffness, lameness with painful pressure in renal and lumbar regions. Pale, earthy complexion, with sunken cheeks and hollow, blue-encircled eyes. Rheumatic and gouty complaints, with diseases of the urinary organs. Colic from gall-stones. Bilious colic, followed by jaundice; clay-colored stools; fistula in ano, with bilious symptoms and itching of the parts; short cough and chest complaints, especially after operations for fistulae (Cal. p., Sil.). Stitching, cutting pain from left kidney following course of ureter into bladder and urethra (Tab., - r. kidney, Lyc.). Renal colic. < left side (Tab. - either side), with urging and strangury. (Canth.). Rubbing sensation in kidneys (Med.). Urine: greenish, blood-red, with thick, slimy mucus; transparent, reddish or jelly-like sediment. Movement brings on or increases urinary complaints.

Relation: - Similar: to, Canth., Lyc., Sars., Tab., in renal colic. Acts well after, Arn., Bry., Kali bi., Rhus, Sulph., in rheumatic affections.

Aggravations. - Motion, walking or carriage riding; any sudden jarring movement.


Hydrated Oxide of Bismuth (Bi2O3OH2.)

Solitude is unbearable; desires company, child holds on to its mother's hand for company (Kali c., Lil., Lyc.); Anguish; he sits, then walks, then lies, never long in one place. Headache returning every winter; alternating with, or attended by gastralgia. Face, deathly pale, blue rings around the eyes. Toothache > holding cold water in mouth. (Bry., Coff., Puls.). Vomiting: of water as soon as it reaches the stomach, food retained longer (vomits food and water, Ars.); of enormous quantities, at intervals of several days when food has filled the stomach; of all fluids as soon as taken; and purging, offensive stools (watery stools, Ver.); with convulsive gagging and inexpressible pain, after laprotomy (Nux, Staph.). Stomach: pressure as from a load in one spot; alternating with burning; pain crampy, spasmodic; with irritation, cardialgia and pyrosis. Cholera morbus and summer complaint, when vomiting predominates; stools foul; papescent, watery, offensive very prostrating (Ars., Ver.).

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