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Following information is only for Homeopathic physicians who know how to prescribe a homeopathic remedy. These remedies should not be used without consulting a qualified homeopath.


----------Nux Vomica----------

For patients who are thin, highly irritable and very sensitive to noise and drafts of air. Bowels move only after strong purgatives and straining pain in bowels. Constipation due to excessive use of tobacco, wine or coffee. Ineffectual desire felt in abdomen which is due to lazy habits. Give 200 or 1000 potency.


Stools dry as if burnt and hard. Large and without mucus constipation accompanied with appendicitis or in warm weather.


Constipation due to dryness of the intestinal tract and non-peristaltic action of the intestines; no desire for and no ability to pass stool until there is a large accumulation. Great straining, must grasp the seat of closet tightly. Stool hard, knotty or soft, adhering to parts. There is little or no urging to stool. Complete inertia even of the rectum so that the soft stool is expelled with great difficulty. Stool hard and knotty like sheep dung. Dry mouth and irritated tongue leads to the selection of this remedy. Great mental depression and want of appetite. Constipation during pregnancy.


In women suffering from severe bearing down pelvic pains extending to the rectum with an ineffectual urge to pass stools.


When ineffectual desire is felt at the rectum. There is sensation of pressure on the rectum after stool. In Nux Vom, the pressure is felt in the abdomen.


Constipation due to inaction of the intestines. There is no desire for stool. When it is passed, it is like hard dry black balls. There is inaction as well as dryness in the intestines. Dryness of the mouth and stomach. The patient feels no discomfort by not passing stools for days together. There is no urge for stool.


Head remedy for chronic constipation. It is also like opium constipation but there is some action in the intestines. There is urging to stool but it is passed with great difficulty. There is loss of muscular activity and diminished secretion of intestinal glands. Stool hard and lumpy causing fissures.


Constipation of the most severe kind. Ineffectual urging to stool. Acidity and burning in the stomach which is better by eructations.


Constipation stools hard, knotty, dry as if burnt, large, painful; child is afraid to have the stool on account of pain.


Constipation of cancer. Rectum constricted.

----------Carbo Animalis----------

Constipation where patient thinks bowels will be moved but only wind passed.


Constipation; hard evacuation which can be removed only by mechanical aid. Stools exceedingly difficult and threaten to tear anus by their immense size. Filaments like hair in feces.


Obstinate constipation for years, rectum seems ties up with strictures. When enema was used, the agony of passage was like labour.

----------Natrum Mur----------

When stool is hard and crumbly. The rectum is dry, the stool is hard to expel and causes bleeding; smarting and soreness in the rectum, after the motion.


Constipation with no urging for stool. No stool for days together when blotches on the face appear. Constipation with haemorrhoids and fissures which burn, smart and itch intolerably. Aching of the anus after stool. The general graphites temperament of sadness and obesity will easily decide for the remedy. Mucus coated stool. It suits specially the women who suffer from a neglect to attend promptly to nature's call. The patient is exceedingly sensitive, nervous, finds it difficult to concentrate. Difficulty in getting up in the morning.


Is indicated in constipation of travellers and emigrants where the trouble is brough on by change in the manner of living. Frequent urging, scanty and dry stool. Constipation after lead poisoning when Nux Vom. fails.

----------Veratrum Alb----------

Complete atony of the intestines. The faeces accumulate in large masses in the rectum, the patient strains and strains, often breaking out into a sweat, but finally has to give it up, and the faeces have to be removed by artificial means.


Constipation on days following rest days.


Chronic constipation associated with prolapse of the rectum or anus.

----------Lac Vac Defl----------

Constipation where rectum seems paralyzed. The stool recedes even on prolonged straining.

----------Mag Carb----------

Puny and sickly children who refuse food or milk because they get pain in stomach if they take it; they suffer from diarrhoea, green stools with marasmus.


Better able to pass stool standing.


Likes to lean backwards to pass stool.

----------Mag Mur----------

Painful urging before stool; burning in anus after the stool. Intestinal atony and atony of bladder. Urine can only be passed by leaning down and by pressing the abdominal muscles. Constipation in children during dentition. Flatulence. The motions are large, long, hard and knotty but cause no pain.

----------Asterias Rubens----------

Obstinate constipation. Stools after 12-15 days.


No desire for stools for days. Obstinate constipation, attended with nausea, vomiting, retching etc.


For constipation give in 1x potency three drops a dose thrice daily.

----------Ambra Grisea----------

Inveterate constipation in old people, especially when stool cannot be passed if there is anyone near about him.


Constipation; stools large and hard impossible to evacuate. After great straining it is particularly expelled and a portion recedes which must be removed mechanically. Stool several inches long not requiring much effort to evacuate.


Horribly offensive stools often hard and difficult to evacuate. Foul smelling wind. bdomen hard and swollen.

----------Tarentula H----------

Inveterate constipation with distress that the patient rolls from side to side which affords relief to the distress.


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