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Following information is only for Homeopathic physicians who know how to prescribe a homeopathic remedy. These remedies should not be used without consulting a qualified homeopath.


----------Kali Brom----------

After seminal emission; with painful delusions, sleeplessness and dread of impeding destruction of all near him; with fear and anxiety. Delusion and feeling of moral deficiency.

----------Aurum Met----------

Depression so great as to drive the victim towards suicide.

----------Nux Vomica----------

After seminal emissions.

----------Ambra Grisea----------

Depression of spirits alternating with vehemence of temper due to old age.

----------Artemisia V----------

Depression a day before an attack of epilepsy.

----------Helleborus Nig----------

After scarlet fever.


Depression with debility, faintness and aching in left iliac region.

----------Cadmium sulph----------

Depression with state of resentment, hopelessness, lack of grit. Use 200 dilution.


For depression with skin affection; should be given twice daily.

----------Acid Nitric----------

In the evening.

----------Cannabis Sat----------

In the forenoon.


From belief that he has an incurable heart.


From heat; due to impotence.

----------Natrum Mur----------

With canine hunger.


From impotence.


With palpitation.


By overwork and excesses.


In rheumatism; in syphilis.

----------Agnus C----------

General debility and depression of vital power. Great sadness with a fixed idea of approaching death.


When leucorrhoea is better.

----------Acid Phos----------

Depression which takes the form of extreme indifference, listlessness, apathetic etc.

----------Ammonia Carb----------

Depression of spirits. She weeps much, has fainting fits, anxiety, uneasiness and exhaustion from motion. Dyspnoea due to weakness.



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