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Dioscorea Villosa.
Wild Yam. (Dioscoreaceae.)

Persons of feeble digestive powers, old or young. Flatulence after meals or after eating, especially of tea-drinkers; are often subject to violent colic. Griping pains in abdomen about umbilicus. Violent twisting colic, occurring in regular paroxysms, as if intestines were grasped and twisted by a powerful hand. Colic pains: < from bending forward and while lying; > on standing erect or bending backwards (rev. of Col.). Emissions during sleep; vivid dreams of women all night (Staph.); knees weak; genitals cold; great despondency (Staph.). Felons; early when pains are sharp and agonizing, when pricking is first felt; nails brittle. Disposition to paronychia (Hep.).

Relations: - Compare: Col., Phos., Pod., Rhus, Sil.

Aggravation. - Lying; sitting; bending double.

Amelioration. - Motion; walking difficult, compelled to walk even though tired.


Drosera Rotundifolia.
Sundew. (Droseraceae.)

Whooping-cough with violent paroxysms which follow each other rapidly, is scarcely able to get breath (wakes at 6-7 a. m. and does not cease coughing until a large quantity of tenacious mucus is raised, Coc. c. - profuse epistaxis during every paroxysm, Ind.; "minute gun" during the day, whooping at night, Cor. r.). Deep sounding, hoarse barking cough (Verb.), < after midnight, during or after measles; spasmodic, with gagging, retching and vomiting (Bry., Kali c.). Constant, titillating cough in children, begins as soon as head touches pillow at night (Bell., Hyos, Rum.). Nocturnal cough of young persons in phthisis; bloody or purulent sputa. Cough: < by warmth, drinking, singing, laughing, weeping, lying down, after midnight. During cough; vomiting of water, mucus, and often bleeding at the nose and mouth (Cup.). Sensation of feather in larynx, exciting cough. Diseases prevailing during epidemic pertusis. Clergyman's sore throat; with rough, scraping, dry sensation deep in the fauces; voice hoarse, deep, toneless, cracked, requires exertion to speak (Arum.). Constriction and crawling in larynx; hoarseness, and yellow or green sputa. Laryngeal phthisis following whooping-cough (bronchial catarrh following, Coc. c.).

Relations: - Complementary: to, Nux vomica. Follows well: after, Samb., Sulph., Ver. Is followed: by, Cal., Puls., Sulph. Compare: Cina, Coral, Cup., Ipec., Samb. in spasmodic coughs. Often relieves the constant, distressing night-cough in tuberculosis. Hahnemann says (Mat. Med. Pura.): "One single dose of the 30th potency is sufficient to cure entirely epidemic whooping cough. The cure takes place surely between seven and eight days. Never give a second dose immediately after the first; it would not only prevent the good effect of the former, but would be injurious."


Bitter-sweet. (Solanaceae.)

Adapted to persons of phlegmatic scrofulous constitutions; restless, irritable. Catarrhal rheumatism or skin affections, brought on or aggravated by exposure to cold, damp, rainy weather, or sudden changes in hot weather (Bry.). Increased secretions of mucous membranes; perspiration being suppressed from cold. Patients living or working in a damp, cold basement, or a milk dairy (Aran., Ars., Nat. s.). Mental confusion; cannot find the right word for anything. Skin is delicate, sensitive to cold, liable to eruptions, especially urticaria; every time patient takes cold or is long exposed to cold. Anasarca; after ague, rheumatism, scarlet fever. Dropsy: after suppressed sweat; suppressed eruptions; exposure to cold. Diarrhoea: from taking cold in damp places, or during damp, foggy weather; change from warm to cold weather (Bry.). Catarrhal ischuria in grown-up children, with milky urine; from wading with bare feet in cold water; involuntary. Rash before the menses (Con. - during profuse menses, Bell., Graph.). Urticaria over whole body, no fever; itching burns after scratching; < in warmth, > in cold. Thick, brown-yellow crusts on scalp, face, forehead, temples, chin; with reddish borders, bleeding when scratched. Warts, fleshy, large, smooth; on face or back of hands and fingers (Thuja.).

Relations: - Complementary: to, Baryta carb., Kali s. Incompatible: with, Acet. ac., Bell., Lach., should not be used before or after. Follows well: after, Cal., Bry., Lyc., Rhus, Sep. Similar: to, Mer., in ptyalism, glandular swellings, bronchitis, diarrhoea; susceptibility to weather changes; night pains; to, Kali s. the chemical analogue. For the bad effects or abuse of Mercury.

Aggravation. - From cold in general; cold air; cold wet weather; suppressed menstruation, eruptions, sweat.

Amelioration. - From moving about (Fer., Rhus).


Equisetum Hyemale.
Scouring Rush. (Equisetaceae.)

Sever dull pain in the bladder, as from distension, not > after urinating. Frequent and intolerable urging to urinate, with severe pain at close of urination (Berb., Sars., Thuja). Constant desire to urinate; large quantity of clear, watery urine, without > (scanty, a few drops, Apis, Canth.). Sharp, burning, cutting pain in urethra while urinating. Paralysis of bladder in old women. Enuresis diurna et nocturna: profuse watery urine, where habit is the only ascertainable cause.

Relations: - Compare: Apis, Canth., Fer. p., Puls., Squilla.


Eupatorium Perfoliatum.
Boneset. (Compositae.)

Adapted to diseases of old people; worn-out constitutions, especially from inebriety; cachexia, from prolonged or frequent attacks of bilious or intermittent fevers. Bruised feeling, as if broken, all over the body (Arn., Bellis, Pyr.). Bone pains affecting back, head, chest, limbs, especially the wrists, as if dislocated. The more general and severe, the better adapted (compare, Bry., Mer.). Painful soreness of eyeballs; coryza, aching in every bone; great prostration in epidemic influenza (Lac. c.). Pains come quickly and go quickly and go away quickly (Bell., Mag. p., Eup. pur.). Vertigo; sensation as if falling to the left (cannot turn the head to the left for fear of alling, Col.). Cough: chronic; loose with hectic; chest sore, must support it with hands (Bry., Nat. c.); < at night; following measles or suppressed intermittents. Fever: chill to 9 a. m. one day, at noon the next day; bitter vomiting at close of chill; drinking hastens chill and causes vomiting; bone pains, before and during chill. Insatiable thirst before and during chill and fever; knows chill is coming because he cannot drink enough.

Relations: - Is followed well: by, Nat. m. and Sep. Compare: Chel., Pod., Lyc., in jaundiced conditions. Bryonia is the nearest analogue, having free sweat, but pains keep patient quiet; while Eup. has scanty sweat and pains make patient restless.

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