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Homoeopathy is like cures like or the law of similar as observed by German physician Samuel Hahnemann in the 19th century. We use a minute dose of the substance causing an illness to cure the same illness. It's is now clear how homoeopathy works. The remedies, including herbs, plants, minerals or other substances, stimulate a person's immune and defense systems and help the body heal itself. Remedies are usually prescribed one at a time and may change as symptoms clear. Homoeopathy is used to treat short-term illnesses such as those common to infants and children, as well as chronic ailments such as arthritis and asthma.


To understand the concept of Homoeopathy let us have a comparative look. Say a person with constipation come to an allopathic physician. The physician will give him some chemical substance (drug) to activate the peristaltic movements. Initially the chemical response will relieve the constipation but the body being a living object will assess that a substance causing constipation is entering into the body. The body's defense mechanism will work against this loose stool causing substance and the patient will again be constipated.

Now the same patient when comes to Homoeopath will be given a medicinal substance causing constipation in minute quantity to give a message to the body that a substance causing constipation is entering the body. The body's defense mechanisms will be triggered to cure constipation. Therefore homoeopathy uses body own defense to cure the all the acute and chronic ailments and diseases.


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