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Ipecac. (Rubiaceae.)

Adapted to cases where the gastric symptoms predominate (Ant. c., Puls.); tongue clean or slightly coated. In all diseases with constant and continual nausea. Nausea: with profuse saliva; vomiting of white, glairy mucus in large quantities, without relief; sleepy afterwards; worse from stooping; the primary effects of tobacco; of pregnancy. Stomach: feels relaxed, as if hanging down (Ign., Staph.); clutching, squeezing, griping, as from a hand, each finger sharply pressing into intestines; worse from motion. Flatulent, cutting colic about umbilicus. Stool: grassy-green; of white mucus (Colch.); bloody; fermented, foamy, slimy, like frothy molasses. Autumnal dysentry; cold nights, after hot days (Colch., Merc.). Asiatic cholera, first symptoms, where nausea and vomiting predominate (Colch.). Haemorrhage: active or passive, bright-red from all the orifices of the body (Erig., Mill.); uterine, profuse, clotted; heavy, oppressed breathing during; stitches from navel to uterus. Cutting pains across abdomen from left to right (Lach., - from right to left, Lyc.). Cough: dry spasmodic, constricted, asthmatic. Difficult breathing from least exercise; violent dyspnoea, with wheezing and anxiety about the stomach. Whooping-cough: child loses breath, turns pale, stiff and blue; strangling, with gagging and vomiting of mucus; bleeding from nose or mouth (Indigo). Cough, with rattling of mucus in bronchi when inspiring (Ant. t.); threatened suffocation from mucus. Pains as if bones were all torn to pieces (as if broken, Eup.). Intermittent fever: in beginning of irregular cases; with nausea, or from gastric disturbance; after abuse of, or suppression from quinine. Intermittent dyspepsia, every other day at same hour; fever, with persistent nausea. Oversensitive to heat and cold.

Relations: - Complementary: Cuprum. Is followed well: by, Ars. in influenza, chills, croup, debility, cholera infantum; by Ant. t., in foreign bodies in larynx. Similar: to, Puls., Ant. c., in gastric troubles.

Aggravation. - Winter and dry weather; warm, moist, south winds (Euph.); slightest motion.


Kali Bichromicum.
Potassium Bichromate. (K2Cr2O7)

Fat, light-haired persons who suffer from catarrhal, syphillitic or psoric affections. Fat, chubby, short-necked children disposed to croup and croupy affections. Affections of the mucous membranes - eyes, nose, mouth, throat, bronchi, gastro-intestinal and genito-urinary tracts - discharge of a tough, stringy mucus which adheres to the parts and can be drawn into long strings (compare Hyd., Lys.). Complaints occurring in hot weather. Liability to take cold in open air. Rheumatism alternating with gastric symptoms, one appearing in the fall and the other in the spring; rheumatism and dysentery alternate (Abrot.). Pains: in small spots, can be covered with point of finger (Ign.); shift rapidly from one part to another (Kali s., Lac c., Puls.); appear and disappear suddenly (Bell., Ign., Mag. p.). Neuralgia every day at same hour (Chin. s.). Gastric complaints: bad effects of beer; loss of appetite; weight in pit of stomach; flatulence; < soon after eating; vomiting of ropy mucus and blood; round ulcer of stomach (Gym.). Nose: pressive pain in root of nose (in forehead and root of nose, Stict.); discharge of plugs, "clinkers;" tough, ropy, green fluid mucus; in clear masses, and has violent pain from occiput to forehead if discharge eases. Ulceration of septum, with bloody discharge or large flakes of hard mucus (Alum., Sep., Teuc.). Diphtheria: pseudo-membranous deposit, firm, pearly, fibrinous, prone to extend downwards to larynx and trachea (Lac c. - reverse of, Brom.). Oedematous, bladder-like appearance of uvula; much swelling, but little redness (Rhus). Cough: violent, rattling, with gagging from viscid mucus in the throat; < when undressing (Hep.). Croup: hoarse, metallic, with expectoration of tough mucus or fibro-elastic casts in morning on awakening; with dyspnoea, > by lying down (worse when lying down, Aral., Lach.). Deep-eating ulcers in fauces; often syphilitic. Headache: blurred vision or blindness precedes the attack (Gels., Lac d.); must lie down; aversion to light and noise; sight returns as headache increases (Iris, Nat., Lac d.). Prolapsus uteri, seemingly in hot weather. Sexual desire absent in fleshy people.

Relations: - Compare: Brom., Hep. Iod. in croupy affections. After: Canth. or Carb. ac. has removed the scrapings, in dysentery. After: Iod. in croup, when hoarse cough, with touch membrane, general weakness and coldness are present; Cal. in acute or chronic nasal catarrh. Ant. t. follows well in catarrhal affections and skin diseases.

Aggravation. - Heat of summer; hot weather.

Amelioration. - Skin symptoms are better in cold weather (reverse of, Alum. and Pet.).


Kali Bromatum.
Potassium Bromide. (KBr)

Adapted to large persons inclined to obesity; acts better in children than in adults. Loss of sensibility, fauces, larynx, urethra, entire body; staggering, uncertain gait; feels as if legs were all over sidewalk. Nervous, restless; cannot sit still, must move about or keep occupied; hands and fingers in constant motion; fidgety hands (fidgety feet, Zinc.); twitching of fingers. Fits of uncontrollable weeping and profound melancholic delusions. Loss of memory; forgets how to talk; absent-minded; has to be told the word before he could speak it (Anac.). Depressed, low-spirited, anxious, "feel as if they would lose their minds." Inco-ordination of muscles (Gels.); nervous weakness or paralysis of motion and numbness. Restlessness and sleeplessness due to worry and grief, loss of property or reputation, from business embarassements (Hyos.). Night terrors of children (Kali p.); grinding teeth in sleep, screams, moans, cries; horrible dreams, cannot be comforted by friends. Somnambulism (Sil.). Spasms: from fright, anger or emotional causes in nervous plethoric persons; during parturition, teething, whooping-cough, Bright's disease. Epilepsy: congenital, syphilitic, tubercular; usually a day or two before menses; at new moon; headache follows attack. Cholera infantum, with reflex irritation of brain, before effusion; first stage of hydrocephaloid. Daily colic in infants about 5 a. m. (at 4 p. m. Col., Lyc.). Nervous cough during pregnancy; dry, hard, almost incessant, threatening abortion (Con.). Stammering; slow, difficult speech (Bov., Stram.). Acne: simplex, indurata, rosacea; bluish-red, pustular, on face, chest, shoulders; leaves unsightly scars (Carbo an.); in young fleshy persons of gross habits.

Relations: - One of the antidotes for lead poisoning. Often curative after Eugenia jambos in acne.


Kali Carbonicum.
Potassium Carbonate (K2OCO2)

For diseases of old people, dropsy and paralysis; with dark hair, lax fibre, inclined to obesity (Am. c., Graph.). After loss of fluids or vitality, particularly in anaemic (Cinch., Phos. ac., Phos., Psor.). Pains, stitching, darting, worse during rest and lying on affected side (stitching, darting, better during rest and lying on painful side, Bry.). Cannot bear to be touched; starts when touched ever so lightly, especially on the feet. Great aversion to being alone (Ars., Bis., Lyc. - desires to be alone, Ign., Nux). Bag-like swellings between the upper eyelids and eyebrows. Weak eyes; after coition, pollution, abortion, measles. Stomach: distended, sensitive; feels as if it would burst; excessive flatulency, everything she eats or drinks appears to be converted to gas (Iod.)[Lyc.]. Nosebleed when washing the face in the morning (Am. c., Arn.). Toothache only when eating; throbbing; < when touched by anything warm or cold. Backache, sweating, weakness; after abortion, labor, metrorrhage; when eating; while walking feels as if she must give up and lie down. Cough: dry, paroxsymal, loosens viscid mucus or pus which must be swallowed; spasmodic with gagging or vomiting of ingesta; hard, white or smoky masses fly from throat when coughing (Bad., Chel.). Feels badly, week before menstruation; backache, before and during menses. Labor pains insufficient; violent backache; wants the back pressed (Caust.). Asthma, relieved when sitting up or bending forward or by rocking; worse from 2 to 4 a. m. Persons suffering from ulceration of the lungs can scarcely get well without this anti-psoric - Hahnemann. Difficult swallowing; sticking pain in pharynx as of a fish-bone (Hep., Nit. ac.); food easily gets into the windpipe; pain in back when swallowing. Constipation: stool large, difficult, with stitching, colic pains an hour or two before. Heart: tendency to fatty degeneration (Phos.); as if suspended by a thread (Lach.). Very much inclined to take cold.

Relations: - Complementary: Carbo veg. Follows well: after, Kali s., Phos., Stan. in loose rattling cough. Will bring on the menses when Nat. m. though apparently indicated, fails - Hahnemann.


Kalmia Latifolia.
Mountain Laurel. (Ericaceae.)

Adapted to acute neuralgia, rheumatism, gouty complaints, especially when heart is involved as a sequel of rheumatism or gout. In heart diseases that have developed from rheumatism, or alternate with it. Pains sticking, darting, pressing, shooting in a downward direction (Cac. - upward, Led.); attended or succeeded by numbness of affected part (Acon., Cham., Plat.). Severe stitching pain in right eye and orbit (left eye, Spig.); stiffness in muscles, pain < when turning the eyes (Spig.); begins at sunrise, < at noon and leaves at sunset (Nat. m.). Rheumatism: pains intense, change places suddenly going from joint to joint; joint hot, red, swollen; worse from least movement. Vertigo when stooping or looking down (Spig.). Pulse slow, scarcely perceptible (35 to 40 per minute); pale face and cold extremities.

Relations: - Similar: to, Led., Rhod., Spig., in rheumatic affections and gout. It follows Spig. well in heart disease.

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