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Following information is only for Homeopathic physicians who know how to prescribe a homeopathic remedy. These remedies should not be used without consulting a qualified homeopath.



Thin leucorrhoea with constipation. Acrid, corrosive, yellowish, watery, or reddish-green leucorrhoea. Heat, itching of the vulva. Leucorrhoea before menses with soreness in pudendum. Leucorrhoea in little girls.


Leucorrhoea acrid, burning, itching with rawness, always worse at night, pruritus, worse from contact of urine, which must be washed off.


Leucorrhoea like curds, white of an egg with sensation as if warm water were flowing down; acrid leucorrhoea.

----------Calcarea Carb----------

Thin milky leucorrhoea.


Profuse, yellow, greenish, acrid and offensive leucorrhoea. Leucorrhoea in little girls.


Tenacious, viscid, either uterine or vaginal long thread like and causing a sort of itching.

----------Arsenic Iod----------

When the discharges are irritating and corrosive. They burn immensely.

----------Acid Nitric----------

Corrosive with scaly eruptions on labia, burning and tearing pain in the ovarian region.

----------Berberis Vul----------

Leucorrhoea with painful urinary symptoms.


Leucorrhoea of children.


Watery, acrid and burning leucorrhoea; milky leucorrhoea, thick and white.


Coming on by fits and starts, milky or nervous (at full moon). Is preceded by cutting colic at the pit of the stomach (hypogastrium).


Leucorrhoea instead of menses. Leucorrhoea like the white of an egg before menses. Weeping mood and frequent desire to urinate. Swelling of gum.

----------Natrum Carb----------

Thick yellow putrid leucorrhoea.


Green, thick, yellow, copious leucorrhoea after obliteration of neuralgias.


Leucorrhoea instead of menses. Extreme lassitude during menses. Violent itching of the vulva before menses.

----------Carbo Veg----------

The patient feels better when the discharge is on and as soon as it disappears, other troubles appear.


It should be given when well selected remedies fail. Give in 1M dilution one dose every fortnight.


When the discharge is acrid, bloody. Whitish leucorrhoea which stains the linen grey. Pain in small of back. Weakness of legs.


When the discharge is so profuse that if flows down the heels. It is also acrid, stingy, copious, excoriating, thick and yellow. Itching of the vulva.

----------Ova Testa----------

It is almost specific for leurorrhoea. It should be given in 3x trituration.

----------Cauloph; Cann Sat----------

Leucorrhoea in little girls.

----------Cocculus Indica----------

Leucorrhoea in little girls. Leucorrhoea instead of menses.


Leucorrhoea with swelling and induration of cervix and rendering the thighs sore as the discharge is acrid. Chronic leucorrhoea which is thick, slimy and sometimes bloody.

----------Natrum Phos----------

Leucorrhoea after menses; acrid, copious, creamy, honey coloured, sour smelling, yellow and watery; increased sexual desire.


Leucorrhoea of bloody mucus preceded by colic.


Bloody, offensive leucorrhoea with profuse, prolonged bleeding at menses.


Leucorrhoea light-yellowish, offensive, excoriating and profuse, running down the legs.


Leucorrhoea, dark yellow, thick and sticky when accompanied with lameness in lower back which gives out when walking.


Discharge between or instead of periods when there is a history of vaccination not having taken or when vaccination has been done several times.


Leucorrhoea with strong odour of fish brine.

----------China Off----------

Leucorrhoea before the periods, fetid or bloody leucorrhoea. Painful pressure towards groins and anus.


Leucorrhoea; the spirits are better when the leucorrhoea is worse and vice versa.

----------Carbo Animalis----------

Leucorrhoea stains linen yellow.


Leucorrhoea profuse, soaking through napkins and running to heels.


Leucorrhoea copious with iduration and ulcers of uterus and even cancer. Patient is of yellow complexion.


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