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Ruta Graveolens.
Rue. (Rutaceae.)

Scrofulous exostosis; bruises and other mechanical injuries of bones and periosteum; sprains; periostits; erysipelas; fractures, and especially dislocations (Symph.). Bruised lame sensatoin all over, as after a fall or blow; worse in limbs and joints (Arn.). All parts of the body upon which he lies are painful, as if bruised (Bap., Pyr.). Restless, turns and changes position frequently when lying (Rhus). Lameness after sprains, especially of wrists and ankles (chronic sprains, Bov., Stron.). Phthisis after mechanical injuries to chest (Mill.). Aching in and over eyes, with blurred vision, as if they had been strained. After using eyes at fine work, watchmaking, engraving (Nat. m.); looking intently (Sen.). Amblyopia or asthenopia from over-exertion of eyes or anamolies of refraction; from over-use in bad light; fine sewing, over-reading at night; misty, dim vision, with complete obscuration at a distance. Eyes burn, ache, feel strained; hot, like balls of fire; spasms of lower lids. Constipation; from inactivity, or impaction following mechanical injuries (Arn.). Prolapse of rectum, immediately on attempting a passage; from the slightest stooping; after confinement; frequent unsuccessful urging. Pressure on the bladder as if constantly full; continues after urinating; could hardly retain urine on account of urging, yet if not attended to it was difficult afterwards to void it; scanty green urine; involuntary. Warts; with sore pains; flat, smooth on palms of hands (Nat. c., Nat. m. - on back of hands, Dul.). Backache, relieved by lying on the back.

Relations: - Compare: Arn., Arg. n., Con., Euphr., Phyt., Rhus, Symph. After Arnica, it hastens the curative process in the joints; after Symphytum, in injuries to bones.


Cevadilla. (Liliaceae)

Suited to persons of light hair, fair complexion with a weak, relaxed muscular system. Worm affections of children (Cina, Sil., Spig.). Nervous diseases; twitching, convulsive tremblings, catalepsy; from worms (Cina, Psor.). Illusions: that he is sick; parts shrunken; that she is pregnant when merely distended from flatus; that she has some horrible throat disease that will be fatal. Delirium during intermittents (Pod.). Sneezing: in spasmodic paroxysyms; followed by lachrymation; copious watery coryza; face hot and eyelids red and burning. Diphtheria, tonsillitis; can swallow warm food more easily; stitches and most symptoms, especially of throat, go from left to right (Lach., Lac. c.). Sensation of a skin hanging loosely in throat; must swallow over it. Headache: from too much thinking, too close application of attention (Arg. n.); from worms. Dryness of fauces and throat. Parchment-like dryness of skin.

Relations: - Compare: Col, Colch., Lyc., where < is from 4 to 8 p. m.; Puls., Sab. > in open air. Follows: Bry. and Ran. b. well in pleurisy, and has cured after Acon. and Bry. failed.


Savine. (Coniferae.)

Chronic ailments of women; arthritic pains; tendency to miscarriages, especially at third month. Music is intolerable: produces nervousness, goes through bone and marrow (causes weeping Thuja). Drawing pains in small of back, from sacrum to pubes, in nearly all diseases (from back, going round the body to pubes, Vib. op.). Ailments: following abortion or premature labor; haemorrhage from uterus; flow partly pale red, partly clotted; worse from least motion (Sec.); often relieved by walking; pain extending from sacrum to pubes. Menses: too early, too profuse, too protracted; partly fluid, partly clotted (Fer.); in persons who menstruated very early in life; flow in paroxysym; with colic and labor-like pains; pains from sacrum to pubes. Discharge of blood between periods, with sexual excitement (Amb.). Retained placenta from atony of uterus; intense after-pains (Caul., Sec.). Menorrhagia: during climacteric, in women who formerly aborted; with early first menses. Inflammation of ovaries or uterus after abortion or premature labor. Promotes expulsion of moles or foreign bodies from uterus (Canth.). Fig warts with intolerable itching and burning; exuberant granulations (Thuja, Nit. ac.).

Relations: - Complementary: to, Thuja. Compare: Calc., Croc., Millef., Sec., Trill. Follows: Thuja in condyloma and sycotic affections.

Aggravation. - From least motion (Sec.); warm air or room (Apis, Puls.).

Amelioration. - In cool, open, fresh air.


Sambucus Nigra.
Elder. (Caprifoliaceae.)

Adapted to diseases of scrofulous children, which affect the air passages specially. Persons formerly robust and fleshy, suddenly become emaciated (Iod., Tub.). Bad effects of violent mental emotions; anxiety, grief, or excessive sexual indulgence (Phos. ac., Kali p.). Oedmatous swelling in various parts of the body, especially in legs, instep and feet. Dry coryza of infants (sniffles); nose dry and completely obstructed, preventing breathing and nursing (Am. c., Nux). Dyspnoea: child awakens suddenly nearly suffocated, face livid, blue, sits up in bed; turns blue, gasps for breath, which it finally gets; attack passes off but is again repeated; child inspires but cannot expire (Chlorine, Meph.); sleeps into the attack (Lach.). Compare: Aurum drac. in Miller's asthma. Attacks of suffocation as in last stage of croup. Cough: suffocative, with crying children; worse about midnight; hollow, deep whooping, with spasm of chest; with regular inhalations but sighing exhalations. Cough deep, dry, precedes the fever paroxysm. Fever: dry heat while he sleeps; on falling asleep; after lying down; without thirst, dreads uncovering (must be covered in every stage, Nux). Profuse sweat over entire body during waking hours; on going to sleep, dry heat returns (sweats as soon as he closes his eyes to sleep, Cinch., Con.).

Relations: - Compare: Cinch., Chlor., Ipec., Meph., Sulph. Relieves ailments from abuse of Arsenicum. Compare: Aurum drac. in Miller's asthma. Follows well: after, Opium, in bad effects of fright.

Aggravation. - During rest; after eating fruit.

Amelioration. - Sitting up in bed. Motion; most of the pains occur during rest and disappear during motion (Rhus).


Bloodroot. (Papaveraceae.)

The periodical sick headache; begins in morning, increases during the day, lasts until evening; head feels as if it would burst, or as if eyes would be pressed out; relieved by sleep. American sick headache, > by perfect quiet in a dark room ("tired headache" from over mental or physical exertion, epigea; sick headache < during rest > by rubbing, pressure, motion, Indigo). Headache begins in occiput, spreads upwards and settles over right eye (Sil., - over or in left orbit, Spig.). Headaches, return at the climacteric; every seventh day (Sabad., Sil., Sulph. - eight day, Iris). Neuralgia of face > by kneeling down and pressing the head firmly against the floor; pain extends in all directions from the upper jaw. Circumscribed red cheeks in afternoon; burning in ears; in bronchitis, pneumonia, phthisis. Rheumatic pain in the right arm and shoulder (left, Fer.); cannot raise the arm, < at night. Pains in places where the bones are least covered, as tibia, backs of hands, etc (Rhus ven.). Burning in pharynx and oesophagus. Laryngeal or nasal polypi (Sang. n., Psor., Tuec.). Climacteric ailments: flushes of heat and leucorrhoea; burning of palms and soles; compelled to throw off bedclothes; painful enlargement of breasts; when Lachesis and Sulphur fail to relieve. Asthma after the "rose cold," < from odors. Cough: dry, waking him at night and not ceasing until he sits up in bed and passes flatus; circumscribed red cheeks; night sweats; diarrhoea. Severe cough after whooping-cough; the cough returns every time patient takes cold. Eruption on face of young women, especially during scanty menses (Bellis, Cal., Eug. j., Psor.).

Relations: - Compare: Bell., Iris, Mellil., in sick headache; Lach., Sulph., Ver. v., in chronic bronchitis or latent pneumonia. After Bell. fails in scarlatina. As a dynamic remedy for the narcosis of Opium.

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