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Tobacco. (Solanaceae)

Diseases originating in cerebral irritation followed by marked irritation of functions of vagi. Emaciation of cheeks and back. Complete prostration of entire muscular system. Sensation of excessive wretchedness. Icy coldness of surface; covered with cold sweat. Symptoms occur in paroxysyms - asthma, sick headache, vertigo, sneezing. Great despondency with indigestion, palpitation, intermittent pulse. Vertigo: death-like pallor, increases to loss of consciousness; relieved in open air and by vomiting; on rising or looking upward; on opening the eyes. Sick headache coming on in early morning, intolerable by noon, deathly nausea, violent vomiting; < by noise and light; periodical, lasting one or two days. Sudden pain on right side, of head as if struck by a hammer or a club. Dim-sighted: see as though a veil; strabismus, depending upon brain troubles. Amaurosis, from atrophy of retina or optic nerve. Face pale, blue, pinched, sunken, collapsed, covered with cold sweat (cold sweat on forehad, Ver.). Nausea: incessant, as if seasick; vomiting, on least motion; with faintness; > in open air. Vomiting: violent, with cold sweat; soon as he begins to move; during pregnancy, when Lactic acid fails (Psor.). Seasickness; deathly nausea, pallor, coldness; < by least motion and > on deck in fresh, cold air. Terrible, faint, sinking feeling at pit of stomach. Sense of relaxation of stomach with nausea (Ipec., Staph.). Child wants abdomen uncovered; relieves nausea and vomiting; coldness in abdomen (Colch., Elaps, Lach.). Constipation: inactive bowel or paralysis of rectum; spasms of sphincter; prolapsus ani; of years' standing; herpes of anus. Diarrhoea: sudden, yellowish, greenish, slimy; urgent, watery; with nausea, vomiting, prostration and cold sweat (Ver.); with extreme faintness; from excessive smoking. enal colic: violent spasmodic pains along ureter left side (Berb.); deathly nausea and cold perspiration. Palpitation: violent when lying on left side; goes off when turning to the right. Pulse: quick, full, large; small intermittent, exceedingly slow; feeble, irregular, almost imperceptible. Hands icy cold, body warm. Legs icy cold, from knees down; trembling of limbs.

Relations: - Antidotes, for abuse of tobacco, are: Ipec., for excessive nausea and vomiting. Ars., for bad effects of tobacco chewing. Nux, for the gastric symptoms next morning after smoking. Phos., palpitation, tobacco heart, sexual weakness. Ign., for annoying hiccough from tobacco chewing. Clem., or Plant., for tobacco toothache. Sep., neuralgic affections of right side of face; dyspepsia; chronic nervousness, especially in sedentary occupations. Lyc., for impotence, spasms, cold sweat from excessive smoking. Gels., occipital headache and vertigo from excessive use, specially smoking. Tabaccum, potentized (200 or 1000) to relieve terrible craving when discontinuing use.

Amelioration. - Open, fresh, cold air; uncovering.


Dandelion. (Compositae.)

For gastric and bilious attacks, especially gastric headaches. Mapped tongue (Lach., Mer., Nat. m.); covered with a white film with sensation of rawness. This film comes off in patches, leaving dark red, tender, very sensitive spots (Ran. s.). Jaundice with enlargment and induration of liver (mapped tongue). Debility, loss of appetite, profuse night sweats, especially when convalescing from bilious or typhoid fever. Restlessness of limbs in typhoid (Rhus, Zinc.).

Relations: - Compare: Bry., Hydr., Nux, in gastric and bilious affections.

Aggravation. - Almost all symptoms appear when sitting; lying down; resting.


Tarantula; Cuban and Spanish. (Araneideae)

Adapted to highly nervous organisms, especially choleric affections where whole body, or right arm and left leg are affected (left arm and right leg, Agar.). Constant movement of the legs, arms, trunk, with inability to do anything; twitching and jerking of muscles. Restlessness, could not keep quiet in any position; must keep in motion, though walking < all symptoms (rev. of Rhus, Ruta). Hyperaesthesia: least excitement irritates, followed by languid sadness; extreme of tips of fingers. Slight touch along the spine provokes spasmodic pain in chest and cardiac region. Headache: intense, as if thousands of needles were pricking the brain. Absceses, boils, felons, affected parts of a bluish color (Lach.), and atrocious burning pain (Anth., Ars.); the agony of a felon, compelling patient to walk the floor for nights. Malignant ulcers; carbuncle, anthrax; gangrene. Symptoms appear periodically. Headache, neuralgic < by noise, touch, strong light, > by rubbing head against pillow. At every menstrual nisus, throat, mouth and tongue intolerably dry, specially when sleeping (Nux m.). Sexual excitement extreme even to mania; spasms of uterus pruritis vulva becomes intolerable.

Relations: - Similar: to, Apis, Crot., Lach., Plat., Mygale, Naja, Ther.

Aggravation. - Motion; contact; touch of affected parts; noise; change of weather.

Amelioration. - In open air; music; rubbing affected parts. Termini of nerves becomes so irritated and sensitive that some kind of friction was necessary to obtain relief.


Oil of Turpentine (A Volatile Oil.)

The urine has the odor or violets. Tongue: smooth, glossy, red, as if deprived of papillae, or as if glazed (Pyr.); elevated papillae; coating peels off in patches leaving bright red spots, or entire coating cleans off suddenly (in exanthemata); dry and red; burning in tip (compare, Mur. ac.). Abdomen: extremely sensitive to touch; distention, flatulence, excessive tympanitis; meteorism (Colch.). Diarrhoea: stool, watery, greenish, mucous; frequent, profuse, fetid, bloody; burning in anus and rectum, fainting and exhaustion, after (Ars.). Worms: with foul breath, choking (Cina, Spig.); dry, hacking cough; tickling at anus; ascarides, lumbrici, tapeworm segments passed. Haematuria: blood thoroughly mixed with the urine; sediment, like coffee-grounds; cloudy, smoky, albuminous; profuse, dark or black, painless. Congestion and inflammation of viscera; kidneys, bladder, lungs, intestines, uterus; with haemorrhage, and malignant tendency. Purpurea haemorrhagica; fresh ecchymosis in great numbers from day to day (Sulph. ac.). Ascites with anasarca, in organic lesions of kidneys; dropsy after scarlatina (Apis, Hell., Lach.). Haemorrhages; from bowels, with ulceration; passive, dark, with ulceration or epithelial degeneration. Violent burning and drawing pains in kidney, bladder and urethra (Berb., Can., Canth.). Violent burning and cutting in bladder; tenesmus; sensitive hypogastrium; cystitis and retention from atony of fundus. Albuminuria; acute, in early stages, when blood and albumin abound more than casts and epithelium; after diphtheria, scarlatina, typhoid. Urine rich in albumin and blood, but few if any casts; < from living in damp dwellings. Strangury; spasmodic retention of urine.

Relations: - Compare: Alumen, Arn., Ars., Canth., Lach., Nit. ac. Is recommended as a prophylactic in malarial and African fevers.


Theridion Curassavicum.
Orange Spider (Araneideae)

Time passes too quickly (too slowly, Arg. n., Can. I., Nux m.). Vertigo: on closing the eyes (Lach., Thuja - on opening them, Tab.; on looking upward, Puls, Sil.); from any, even the least noise; aural or labyrinthine (Meniere's disease). Nausea: from least motion, and especially on closing the eyes; from fast riding in a carriage. Headache: when beginning to move, as of a dull heavy pressure begin the eyes; violent, deep, in the brain; < lying down (Lach.); very much < from others walking on the floor, or from least motion of head. Every sound seems to penetrate through the whole body, causing nausea and vertigo. Chronic nasal catarrh; discharge thick, yellow, greenish, offensive (Puls., Thuja). Toothache: every shrill sound penetrates the teeth. Seasickness of nervous women; they close their eyes to get rid of the motion of the vessel and grown deathly sick. Violent stitches in upper left chest, below the scapula, extending to neck (Anis., Myr., Pix, Sulph.). Pains in the bones all over, as if broken. Great sensitiveness between vertebrae, sits sideways in the chair to avoid pressure against spine (Chin. s.); < by least nose and jar of foot on floor. For extreme nervous sensitiveness; of puberty, during pregnancy and climacteric years. "In rachitis, caries, necrosis, it apparently goes to the root of the evil and destroys the cause." - Dr. Baruch. Phthisis florida, often affects a cure if given in the early stages of disease. In scrofulosis where the best chosen remedies fail to relieve.

Relations: - Follows well after, Cal. and Lyc.

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