Prof. Dr. Rifat Hashmi - Acupuncturist & Homoeopath - Lahore- Pakistan.
Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Alternative medicine

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Dr. Riffat Hussain Hashmi has been my family physician since last 18 years. I have found him very intelligent, a very good listener / observer, having up to mark approach to analyze the patient problems and thereby selection of appropriate and most effective medicine in the field of homeopathy.
My personal views regarding his professional expertise can be ascertained from the fact that I cannot tolerate any kind of antibiotic drugs because of different kinds of severe reaction / feeling appear in body and same is true for my child also therefore in case of any illness like fever, flue, throat infection, teeth infection even urinary infection I could not take allopathic treatment as antibiotic cover was essential for that. Thanks God that Dr. Hashmi was practicing homeopathy who never disappointed me to cure general and chronic diseases because of his in-depth study and god gifted extra ordinary approach towards selection of medicine.
I honestly rank him as the best Homeopath in Lahore.


Homoeopathy is the absolute choice

  • Yes  No one would deny the benefits that offer total solution for all curable acute and chronic diseases.
  • Yes  Homoeopathy is economical with total benefits and no penalties.
  • Yes  Homoeopathy is the choice for every young and elder, male and female.
  • Yes  Go for wise choice and let us do the rest to make you healthy and perfect (Insha Allah.)

            Say Yes  to let us cure you with care.

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Hashmi Clinic :


31-B ; Zafar Nadeem Plaza,


Faisal Town, Lahore.


+92-42-5177745 ; 0333-4221473 ; 0306-4121220.



Homeopathy Cures with care Acupuncture And Homeopathic Center Prof. Dr. Rifat Hashmi Homeopathy Cures with Care Acupuncture is a great pain relief In every child who is born, the potentiality of the human race is born again Women are too delicate for instrumental manipulation Sexual fitness is the index of health. Faisal Town, Lahore , Pakistan